Zen Lightbox v1.5

Version 1.5 (2008-12-18)

  • Added Caption Animation Duration admin switch.
  • Added Close Lightbox admin switch.
  • Added Close on Image Click admin switch.
  • Added Display Image Counter admin switch.
  • Added Enable Keyboard Navigation admin switch.
  • Added full support for multilingual stores.
  • Added greater flexibility for Overlay Fade Duration admin switch.
  • Added Image Fade Duration admin switch.
  • Added Include Main Image in Gallery admin switch.
  • Added Initial Height admin switch.
  • Added Initial Width admin switch.
  • Added missing _/b_ to install.sql file.
  • Added Next Image admin switch.
  • Added Previous Image admin switch.
  • Added Resize Transition admin switch.
  • Added support for lightbox effect on any page (including EZ-Pages).
  • Added title attributes (similar to alt text) to lightbox buttons.
  • Added uninstall.sql file.
  • Removed Border Size admin switch (this is now controlled by CSS).
  • Removed DIV Class to Hide admin switch.
  • Removed Enable Resize Animations admin switch.
  • Removed header_php.php core file change.
  • Removed Hide Flash Objects admin switch (Slimbox handles this automatically).
  • Updated blank entries in install.sql file to NULL.
  • Updated invalid characters in rel attributes of links (output code is now valid XHTML).
  • Updated JavaScript code to classes to avoid source code duplication.
  • Updated lightbox code to Slimbox v1.67.
  • Updated modules to prevent JavaScript code from loading when Zen Lightbox is disabled.
  • Updated support for Zen Cart 1.3.8a and Image Handler 2.0_for_137.
  • Updated various configuration titles and descriptions within the admin.

Download Zen Lightbox v1.5

Update: I no longer update Zen Lightbox, but am happy to answer any questions if you contact me.

The latest version of Zen Lightbox, which has been updated by various community members, can be found at the link below.


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